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School District 5
International Education
Homestay Program

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Fairmont Group Tamires S.jpgHost families are the most important part of our international education program and we are very proud of the high level of care they provide for our students!  We love to see the many life-long friendships that develop and the amazing number of students who return β€œhome” for visits!


Most of our staff host or have hosted students in their own homes, which helps them to better understand the needs of students and to provide helpful advice to other host families.


Each of our three small cities has its own homestay coordinator who develops a close relationship with their group of students and host families.  We manage our own homestay program and ensure that all host families undergo a criminal record check, attend an annual orientation session, and sign a host family agreement.


Homestay families provide a private bedroom, food for three meals per day, local transportation, a suitable study area, special activities and, most of all, a caring home environment.

If students choose not to stay with a homestay family arranged by the School District, they must live with a responsible adult aged 25 or older.



The Canadian government requires that all minor students under the age of 19 must have an official custodian in Canada who arranges for the care and support of the student on behalf of the student's parents.  Most students choose to have a representative of the School District act as their custodian during their stay in Canada. There is no extra charge for this service. 
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