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7355 Jaffray Village Loop Rd, Jaffray, BC, V0B 1T0| 250.429.3211| Fax: 250.429.3555 Utility Links
School District 5
Jaffray Elementary / Jr. Secondary School
About our School

​​Jaffray Elementary Junior Secondary School is situated in the centre of the small town of Jaffray. The school is the heart of our community and the place where community members gather to visit, celebrate and play. Our school enrolls approximately 225 students in Kindergarten to Grade 10, and draws from three other rural communities. Jaffray School has the smallest class size in the district, which enables our students to get the one on one attention needed to help all students meet academic expectations.

The Jaffray School focuses on academics, leadership, sports and developing strong citizens. Our small class sizes allows students to strive for greatness in academics, with many of our students receiving scholarships and awards for post secondary achievement. Through our leadership program, our secondary students organize events and activities for our younger students in a fun and inclusive manner.

Jaffray School is well known throughout the district for our excellence in athletics. At Jaffray School everyone has the opportunity to be involved in sport, thus developing a sense of belonging and character development.

The Jaffray School also boasts an amazing outside space that allows our kids the opportunity to play in many different ways. There is a beautiful and spacious playground, a wonderful track and soccer field, two softball diamonds, as well as an outdoor basketball court and beach volleyball court.

Jaffray School is a great place to learn and play, and to prepare your children for their future endeavors in life.

It really is the "little school with a big heart!"