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School District 5
Lengthen Your Stride
Laurie Middle School
About our School


Laurie Middle School is a hub of learning and extra-curricular activities for approximately 370 students in Grade 7 through Grade 9.  Education. Student learning are both high priorities in our school and the staff of Laurie Middle echo the belief that our children must have an excellent well-rounded education. The Laurie Middle School Community values holistic, lifelong learning in a caring, safe and supportive environment. We all learn best with high expectations and healthy relationships. Our school strives to provide quality learning opportunities for all students in an environment that promotes and encourages students to take risks in their learning and to believe in themselves. The staff set out on a daily basis to provide great leaning opportunities and lessons that extend and motivate big thinking.  Parents are encouraged to continue to be actively involved in their child's learning by contributing to classroom learning opportunities, through following up and supporting where possible with home projects and assignments, and with our Parents' Advisory Council.  Together we can open the doors to life-long learning and promote the wonder and curiosity of our 21st century learners.

PrincipalMr. Aaron Thorn

Vice-Principal Mrs. Christie Johnson