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School District 5
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Laurie Middle School
Student Services

Student Services in the Time of Covid-19


Student Services is a dedicated team of educators whose purpose is to support the emotional and academic needs of a diverse group of students. This team includes;

Student Services teachers - Mrs. Yvonne Brien (Department Head) and Mrs. Elaine Knudsgaard

Alternate Education teacher - Mr. Nicholas Richards

Counsellors - Mrs. Leah Draper and Mrs. Amy Reid

Aboriginal Education Support Workers - Mrs. Mary Elliott and Ms. Shayannah Johnson

Youth Care Worker - Ms. Melissa Young

Education Assistants - Mrs. Lori Boettger (on leave), Mrs. Lesley Cupples, Mrs. Mandy Lunan, Mr. Rick Marasco, Mrs. Arlene Northey, Mrs. Miriam Oler (on leave), Mr. Keith Young, Ms. Stevie Anderson, Ms. Brenda Ames, Mrs. Kim Butler, Ms. Natasha Janzen, Mrs. Ashley Seely, Mrs. Sarah Windels, Ms. Darlene Grant, and Mrs. Dianne Lowther.

This school year, we are ecstatic that we, once again, have a Learning Centre! The Learning Center is available as an alternate, and often quieter, working space where students can get additional support with learning new concepts or can partake in a timetabled support block, as determined by their school-based team. This space is staffed by one of the three Student Services teachers and, in some instances, an Education Assistant, working together as a cohort team to deliver effective student support and to facilitate student learning.

Student Services is exactly what the title implies. Our job is to make sure that students are receiving the support, the advocacy, and the services that they need to be successful learners and school citizens.