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School District 5
Home of the Spartans
Sparwood Secondary School
Social Studies 9

​​​​​​Revolultions: Students had to create an essential question based on a revolution and answer this question through a project of their choice. Check out the Projects below:

Boston Tea Party Chris Magee and Ryan Leonard.pptx

The Stamp Act Gage Paskiewich.pptx

Ukarainian Revolution William Doratty.pptx

Declaration of Independence Jonathan Smith and Brennan Kropodra.pptx

English Civil War Kurtis Chatterson.pptx

English Civil War Marisa Mackenzie and Tayana.pptx

The Boston Tea Party.pptx

Sam and Abby's Website - Click Here!​

Kiesha and Alycia's Website​

The English Civil War by Kaelyn Matatall:Kaelyn Matatall.pdf

Laible and Gandner.pdf

Isabelle Beaune

Isabelle Collage 2.jpg

Britney and Austin

Britney Austin.JPG

Evan, Dee & Katrina

Evan Dee Katrina Collage.jpg

Katie, Harlee, & Sydney

Katie Harlee Sydney Collage.jpg

Tess Laidlaw

Tess Collage.jpg

Braidie Merrigan and Michael Marks

Michael Braidie.JPG

Cailey-Jo DeGagne-Campbell

Cailey Jo.JPG

Alex Kutzner


Dalton Reid

Dalton Collage.jpg

Kaylee, Hanna, and Kassidy

Kassidy Kaylee Hanna.JPG