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School District 5
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T. M. Roberts Elementary School
News Archive

The Board of Education Regular Public Meetings

February 10, 2023
Agendas are available on the SD5 Board of Education website on the Thursday prior to a public meeting.  The next Board Meeting will be on October 10, 2023, at 3:00 p.m. This meeting will be held at the Kootenay Learning Campus.

T.M. Roberts Newsletter for December, 2021

December 01, 2021
Please see the attached.‚Äč

T.M. Roberts Newsletter for November, 2021

October 29, 2021
‚ÄčPlease see the attached information

School Exposures - COVID 19 - Interior Health

September 29, 2021
Stay in the loop with the latest post from Interior Health, "School Exposures"‚Äč . Get all of your COVID-19 news and events here‚Äč .

T.M. Roberts Newsletter for June, 2021

June 03, 2021
‚ÄčPlease see the attached.

T.M. Roberts Newsletter for March, 2020

March 15, 2021
‚ÄčPlease see the attached newsletter for 

Letter from the Principal

December 17, 2020
‚ÄčPlease see the attached!

T.M. Roberts Newsletter for December 2020

December 01, 2020
‚ÄčPlease see the attached

TM Roberts Newsletter for November 2, 2020

November 02, 2020
‚ÄčPlease see the attached newsletter

T.M. Roberts Newsletter for September 4, 2020

September 04, 2020
‚ÄčPlease see the attached newsletter!

T.M. Roberts Newsletter for June 25, 2020

June 25, 2020
‚ÄčPlease see the attached!

Collecting student belongings

April 11, 2020
Please see the attached letter from the Principal‚Äč

T.M. Roberts Newsletter for February 6, 2020

February 06, 2020
‚ÄčPlease see the attached!

T.M. Roberts Newsletter for December 19, 2019

December 19, 2019
‚ÄčPlease see the attached information!

T.M. Roberts Newsletter for November 28, 2019

November 28, 2019
Please see the attached.‚Äč

T.M. Roberts newsletter for November 21, 2019

November 21, 2019
Please see the attached newsletter for this week!‚Äč

T.M. Roberts Newsletter for October 10, 2019

October 10, 2019
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TM Roberts Newsletter for October 3, 2019

October 03, 2019
Please see the attached.‚Äč

TM Roberts newsletter for September 19, 2019

September 19, 2019
Please see the attached!‚Äč

T.M. Roberts newsletter for June 27, 2019

June 27, 2019
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Have a wonderful summer!

T.M. Roberts newsletter for June 6, 2019

June 06, 2019
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T.M. Roberts newsletter for May 2, 2019

May 02, 2019
Please see the attached!‚Äč

TM Roberts newsletter for April 11, 2019

April 11, 2019
Please see the attached!‚Äč

TM Roberts newsletter for Oct 4, 2018

October 09, 2018
Please see the attached newsletter‚Äč

TM Roberts Newsletter for September 6, 2018

September 07, 2018
Please see the attached!‚Äč

Student Threat-Violence Risk Assessment

May 02, 2018
‚ÄčPlease see the recently updated document.

2018-2019 and 2019-2020 Annual School Calendar's

January 23, 2018
‚Äč The Board of Education has approved the next two school years‚Äô calendars which are attached .

Attention Parents:

December 05, 2017
A letter will be sent home from your school this week explaining Office 365 and the benefits for your child as well as for teaching and learning.  Please sign and return this form if you DO NOT want your child to have access to this platform.

TM Newsletter for October 5, 2017

October 05, 2017
‚ÄčPlease see the attached!

Newsletter for September 21, 2017

September 21, 2017
‚ÄčPlease see the attached

Newsletter for September 7 2017

September 08, 2017
‚ÄčPlease see the attached.

EDI Questionnaire for K Students

July 05, 2017
  EDI (Early Development Instrument) is a questionnaire that measures five important areas of early child development.  All kindergarten students should have brought home a parent information letter prior to the Christmas Break. Click here for more information.  

June 29, 2017

June 29, 2017
Please see the attached.‚Äč

The Twister for June 15, 2017

June 15, 2017
Please see attached!‚Äč

The Twister for May 25, 2017

May 25, 2017
‚ÄčPlease see the attached!

The Twister for May 18, 2017

May 18, 2017
‚ÄčPlease see the attached.

The Twister for May 11, 2017

May 12, 2017
Please see the attached‚Äč

The Twister for May 4, 2017

May 04, 2017
‚ÄčPlease see the attached.

The Twister for April 6, 2017

April 06, 2017
Please see the attached‚Äč

The Twister March 9, 2017

March 09, 2017
See the attached!‚Äč

The Twister

March 03, 2017
Please check out the Twister for this week!‚Äč

The Twister for February 23, 2017

February 23, 2017
‚ÄčPlease see the attached!

The Twister for November 17, 2016

November 17, 2016
‚ÄčPlease see the attached!

TM Roberts newsletter for February 4, 2016

February 04, 2016
‚ÄčPlease see the attached.

Kindergarten Registration for September 2018

January 27, 2016
See information here    

Kindergarten Registration 2016-2017

January 21, 2016
‚ÄčSee the attached information!

Kindergarten Registration 2016-2017

January 14, 2016
See attached for information regarding Kindergarten Registration dates!‚Äč

Cybertip Alert

December 14, 2015
The Canadian Center for Child Protection  wants to make parents and youth aware of the risks concerning online requests involving prospective job opportunities. has been contacted a few times in the last month by individuals who believe their legitimate business name was being used to lure youth for the purposes...

This week's newsletter - November 25, 2015

November 26, 2015
‚ÄčSee the attached newsletter!!

Newsletter November 12, 2015

November 13, 2015
See attached this week's newsletter‚Äč

October 14, 2015 Newsletter

October 20, 2015
See attached for this week's newsletter‚Äč

Letter for Parents regarding BC's new Curriculum

October 19, 2015
‚ÄčThe Minister of Education, Mike Bernier, explains to parents the transition to the new BC Curriculum. 183825 Parents outgoing.pdf

Newsletter October 14, 2015

October 15, 2015
See this weeks attached newsletter!!‚Äč

K-9 Transformed Curriculum

September 02, 2015
K-9 Transformed Curriculum click here for curriculum. ‚Äč

2015-2016 Annual School Calendar

September 02, 2015
See attached for the new school calendar‚Äč

Last Day of School

June 22, 2015
Just a reminder that dismissal is at 11:00 am on Thursday June 25th.¬†¬† Have a wonderful summer!!!!‚Äč

PAC Hot Lunch

April 30, 2015
The next PAC hot lunch is May 14, 2015 - noon.¬†¬† ‚Äč

East Kootenay Regional Science Fair

March 02, 2015
‚Äč‚ÄčThe Science Fair is on April 10 and 11 2015.   For more information please see attached. East Kootenay Regional Science Fair.jpg

School Photos

March 02, 2015
Our Spring Photo Day is fast approaching. Classes will either have their sitting on Thursday, April 9 th or Friday, April 10 th for both an individual photo and their class photo. Ordering individual packages is optional. Every child will receive a class photo. Flyers will be going home with your...

May/June Newsletter

January 11, 2015

T.M. Roberts Traffic Safety

January 07, 2015
‚Äč TM Roberts Traffic Safety Committee would like to take this opportunity to remind parents and care givers to be conscientious of pedestrians, other drivers, and buses within our school zone.   A notice has been sent home detailing the Traffic Safety Zones dedicated to improve the safety of our students...

Healthy Schools Newsletter

January 07, 2015
Applications for the new Healthy Schools BC School District Readiness Grant are now available! For more information and grant applications ......‚Äč

Kindergarten Registration 2015

January 06, 2015
We will have packages for Kindergarten registration ready to pick up and will be accepting registrations for February 2, 2015. ‚Äč

Report Cards

December 02, 2014
‚ÄčReport cards to be distributed¬†during the week of December 8 - 12 th .

Christmas Concert

December 02, 2014
The Christmas Concert is December 17 th  (morning & afternoon concert).  The first performance starts at 10:30, the afternoon performance to begin at 1:30

News Letter

November 14, 2014
‚ÄčFind December's news letter here.

Volleyball Season

October 19, 2014
Volleyball season has begun. Games are Tuesday's after school. Please see attached schedule. 2014 Boys Girls Schedule.pdf‚Äč

School Photos

October 05, 2014
‚ÄčLifetouch will be taking photos on Wednesday, October 15th.


October 05, 2014
‚ÄčOne day event this year. Hosted at TM Roberts. Grade 6's will run first, then Gr. 5, followed by Gr. 4. 3:00-4:30

Parent Information

September 11, 2014
‚Äč Please go to the parent section for educational resources and games to help support your child's¬†learning. If you know of any good sites that you think would be beneficial for our students please email me and I will put the link on to our web site.

Parent Info Link

August 25, 2014
‚Äč Here is the link to the ministry information for parents:¬† Parent Info

The Board of Education Regular Public Meetings

February 10, 2023
Agendas are available on the SD5 Board of Education website on the Thursday prior to a public meeting.  The next Board Meeting will be on October 10, 2023, at 3:00 p.m. This meeting will be held at the Kootenay Learning Campus.