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School District 5
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T. M. Roberts Elementary School
French Immersion
​        There are many advantages to learning a second language, including graduation from Grade 12 with a Bilingual Dogwood Certificate. The Ministry of Education recognizes that French Immersion programming benefits the cognitive and social development of students as well as their opportunities for career advancement. Since Canada is a member of both La Francophonie and the Commonwealth, its bilingualism is a vital tool for commercial development. Against a global background of trade and competition, the acquisition of a second language is seen as an economic asset.
      The Immersion Program provides students with an education equivalent to what is available in the English language program, while providing opportunities to develop a high level of proficiency in French. Students that graduate from the program in Grade 12 should be able to participate easily in French conversation, take post-secondary courses with French as the language of instruction, and accept employment with French as the language of work.
How is French Immersion taught?
    Students are taught the same curriculum as English students but the language of instruction is French. 

Early French Immersion Program - Kindergarten
    French Immersion programs have been developed throughout Canada for Anglophone students who will become functionally bilingual by the end of secondary school.  In Cranbrook, where French Immersion classes began in September 1988, we provide early Immersion that begins in Kindergarten and continues through to graduation.

Where students are out of the catchment area, transportation is the parent/guardian's responsibility. When there is space, students may ride on school district buses as courtesy riders upon approval from the transportation department. 

Curricular Opportunities
The focus on language development does not inhibit the development of skills in other curricular areas (Math, Science, Socials, English, Fine Arts, etc.). French Immersion students have identical opportunities to take part in all school and district programs: Science Fair, Heritage Fair, Extra Curricular Sports, Mass Choir, etc.

More information can be found in the following document.