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School District 5
Southeast Kootenay

Education Partner Group Announcements

On this page you will find announcements from the Southeast Kootenay District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC), the Ministry of Education, the British Columbia Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC), School District No 5 Southeast Kootenay and our other partner groups.


We encourage you to check back often as this page will update regularly. If your organization has an announcement you’d like to see listed here please contact us.

2014-11-04 SD5 Draft Policies for Review and Feedback

SD5 is currently working on updating their Policy Manual and requesting parental feed-back. All parents are encouraged to read over the policies provided here and send any thoughts, suggestions, ideas or concerns to  to be forward to the Board before the due date.

These policies will be updated regularly so please check back often.