3.1Student Registration, Enrolment and Placement.pdf
3.1R     ​Student Registration, Enrolment and Placement Regulations.pdf
​3.2Creating Safe Schools.pdf
3.2F     Violence Threat Report Form.docx
​3.3Medical Alert.pdf
​3.4Administration of Prescription Medication.pdf
​3.5Mercury Free Schools.pdf
3.6R     ​Advertising Regulations.pdf
​3.7Code of Conduct.pdf
​​3.7R Code of Conduct.pdf
​3.8Social Media Use.pdf
3.8R     Social Media Use Regulations.pdf
​3.9​​​Physical Restraint and Seclusion in School Settings.pdf
3.9R      Physical Restraint and Seclusion in School Settings​.pdf
​3.10Student Services Programs.pdf
3.10R     Student Services Programs Regulations.pdf
Independent Directed Studies (IDS).pdf

3.11R Independent Directed Studies (IDS) Regulations.pdf

3.11F Independent Directed Studies (IDS) Form.docx
​3.12Video Surveillance.pdf
​3.13Student Records.pdf
​3.15French Immersion.pdf
​3.17District Assessment.pdf
​3.18Scholarships and Awards.pdf
​3.19Locally Developed Courses.pdf
​3.20Summer School.pdf
3.21Adult Education.pdf
​3.22Jurisdiction of the School.pdf
​3.24International Students.pdf
​3.25Use of District Resources.pdf
​3.27Student Lockers.pdf
​3.28Emergent School Closures.pdf
​3.30Student Work Permits.pdf
​3.31School Handbooks.pdf
​3.32Allergies and Life Threatening Allergies in School.pdf
​3.33Use of Cell Phones and Digital Devices.pdf
​3.34Cross Enrollment.pdf
​3.35Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity.pdf
​​3.35R Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity Regulations.pdf
​3.36Child Protection.pdf
​3.37Healthy Schools.pdf
​3.38 Mandatory Use of Helmets.pdf
​3.39Students' Environmental Bill of Rights.pdf
​3.40Instructional Resources.pdf
​3.41Students Registered for Home Schooling.pdf
​3.42Students Registered for Distance Education.pdf
​3.43Legacy of Learning.pdf
​​3.43R   ​Legacy of Learning Regulations​.pdf