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School District 5
Soar like an Eagle
Amy Woodland Elementary School
About our School
Amy Woodland is one of the larger elementary schools in Cranbrook with approximately 250 students. We are very proud of our accomplishments in academics, fine arts and athletics. Through our Code of Conduct we encourage students to demonstrate a positive attitude toward learning, appreciate and respect the similarities and differences of others and cooperate in a positive way with other students and adults. Amy Woodland School is a vibrant place where students learn to work together while respecting one another's similarities and differences.

Students from Amy Woodland are able to take advantage of the wide variety of opportunities offered in Cranbrook. Our students participate in skating, swimming, hikes to the Elizabeth Lake bird sanctuary, trips to Fort Steele, and a other amazing spots around Cranbrook. In the past four years we have added Wilderness Wednesday to our offerings at Amy Woodland School. We send multiple classroom to Jim Smith Lake and Idlewild Park from 9-12AM each Wednesday, year round for outdoor education and play based learning activities.