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School District 5
Soar like an Eagle
Amy Woodland Elementary School
Speech and Language Support

Speech-Language Pathology program at AWES School


Susy Passey, Registered SLP (C), Speech-Language Pathologist

Kathy Dragovan, SLA, Speech-Language Assistant




A Speech-Language Pathologist helps people of all ages affected by communication disorders

which impact their ability to understand words and to make themselves understood by others. 


At AWES, the Speech-Language Pathology program supports:

  • Articulation and language delays/disorders, including stuttering and voice disorders
  • Improving peer relationships
  • Improving academic success through self-regulation and social communication



Our specialized programs with advanced training include:


  • Autism and behaviour supports – social language curriculums based on Social Thinking resources and the R&R program; relationship based and preventative planning


  • Self-Talk for Self-Regulation – based on the Incredible 5 point scale, by Kari Dunn-Buron


  • Pre-literacy and early literacy skills – foundations for reading and writing using the Sound Connections program


  • Executive functioning skills for organization of speech/language and thinking skills


  • Social Thinking groups to support students with social communication difficulties

Based on Michelle Garcia Winners 'Think Social! Curriculum', these groups offer:

Personal problem solving

Personal advocacy

Social relatedness skills

Flexible thinking



Our individualized programming includes:


  1. Individualized one-on-one programming
  2. Classroom support with social language development
  3. Small group support
  4. Consultation services, support and training for School team and families
  5. Kindergarten screening of speech and language skills


Please contact your school Speech-Language Pathologist if you have any questions or concerns: 

Susy Passey, Registered SLP(C) or 250.919.0809