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School District 5
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Amy Woodland Elementary School

Amy Woodland Elementary Code of Conduct


Be Responsible

Be Safe

Be Considerate



All Settings



Come prepared.

Follow the rules.

Keep all areas clean.

Dress appropriately.

Care for school property.

Make positive choices.

Hands and feet to self.

Honour personal space.


Use materials and equipment properly.

Greet others politely – eye contact, please and thank you, excuse me.

Listen to others.

Include others.

Encourage others.






Be organized before going out – coat, snacks, washroom.

Use the garbage cans.

Show respect for equipment.

Listen to the supervisor.

Leave sticks, rocks, snow on the ground.

Bikes/scooters: walk it, lock it, leave it.

Get help when needed.

Use equipment safely.

Stay on school grounds.

Share equipment and space.

Include others.

Wait your turn.

Use β€œI” messages if there is a problem.

Hands and feet to self.






Enjoy and respect displays.

Keep coats/cubbies neat & tidy.

Walk quietly.

Flush. Wash hands.

Keep all areas clean.

Walk quietly.

Hands and feet to self.

Enter and exit through your assigned door.

Enter quickly at bell time.


Walk quietly.

Respect privacy.

Clean up your mess.

Keep the washrooms clean – leave pencils in the classroom.

Be polite, say β€œExcuse me”.





Come prepared.

Complete all work.

Care for supplies.

Use an inside voice.

Use equipment and supplies safely.

Push chairs in.

Keep aisles clear.


Honour personal space.

Include others.

Use appropriate language.





Play by the rules.

Use gym shoes.

Return equipment.

Wait for your turn.

Use equipment properly.

Help others.

Heads up. Shoes tied.

Listen to the whistle & instructions.

Use care in all games.

Use gym only when supervised.

Wait for your turn.

Respect game rules.

Include and encourage others.

Congratulate others.



Take care of books.

Return books on time and to right place.

Use book paddles.


Share space.

Find an adult to help reach high shelves.

Leave food and drink out of the Library.

Quiet voices.

Move quietly.

Return books to the bin.

Push in chairs.

Return book paddles.




Keep the bus clean.

Respect and listen to the driver.

Ask before opening the window.


Keep hands and feet to self.

Sit in your seat.

Keep aisles and emergency exits clear.


Remain in seat.

Share your seat.

Use the garbage can.

Respect personal space.

Use an inside voice.




Enjoy/respect speakers.

Be attentive.

Use the washroom before entering.


Line up quietly.

Keep exits clear.

Heads up when walking.

Sit and listen quietly.

Clap appropriately.

Enter and exit quietly.

Encourage others.

Appropriate clothing – Respectfully dressed for work


Amy Woodland students are required to wear clothing that is appropriate to a work environment. The Dress Code is to encourage appropriate decision-making for a working, educational environment and to reduce distractions in the classroom. Shoes must be worn at all times.



Unacceptable dress for this environment includes, but is not limited to:

β€’ exposed midriffs

β€’ low cut tops, halter tops, tube tops

β€’ spaghetti-strapped tops

β€’ lingerie tops or exposed brassieres

          (straps less than three fingers in width)

β€’ muscle shirts

β€’ no racer back clothing – shirts need to be full back

β€’ sun glasses

β€’ hats, hoods, bandannas or other headgear

β€’ skirts/shorts shorter than mid-thigh

β€’ clothing with vulgarity or swearing

β€’ low-hanging pants with underwear exposed

β€’ clothing promoting drugs, alcohol, hatred, violence, or sex

β€’ heelies, or other footwear with wheels


Dress code violations will be sent to the Office for further consequences. Parents may be contacted.​