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Code of Conduct
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FSS Code of Conduct

All schools have the responsibility to develop a Code of Conduct, which will encourage acceptable and responsible student behaviour.  The Code of Conduct is reviewed yearly with the participation and involvement of staff, parents and community members. Changes are made to the Code of Conduct to reflect current and emerging situations and to contribute to school safety. Students are required to follow all guidelines, rules and procedures while in attendance at school, during all school-sponsored activities such as field trips and extracurricular events and while riding on the school bus or waiting for the bus to arrive.


At the beginning of the year and on entrance to a new school in the district, the school staff will clarify the School’s Code of Conduct and any rules and procedures that apply in individual classrooms. Expectations for student behaviour will be taught and reinforced on a regular basis throughout the school year. Once the rules are discussed and understood, they will set the standards of conduct for students and staff. It is also important to remember that the school is operating within a community and within a society in general.  There are expectations for behaviour outside of the school setting that also apply while attending school. 

Whenever possible and appropriate, consequences for breaches of a code are restorative in nature rather than punitive.  This may involve Restorative Justice or other forms of restorative problem solving for minor difficulties and involve Restorative Justice or other restorative forms of problem solving in conjunction with other disciplinary approaches for more serious offenses.  In all cases, the school officials may have a responsibility to advise other parties of serious breaches of the code of conduct, not limited to but including: parents, school district officials, police and other agencies.  The board will take all reasonable steps to prevent retaliation against a student who has made a complaint of a breach of a code of conduct.

The following principles are universal to all schools in School District #5 and apply to every student.