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School District 5
ÉIDES Welcomes You!
École Isabella Dicken Elementary School
Youth Care Worker

Youth Care Workers wear many hats; at times we can be the peacekeepers/problem solvers on the playground, the listening ear for a parent who is overwhelmed at home, a snack and a blanket for a student having a tough day or a quiet space where students can come to rest. Youth Care Workers work as part of the student services team here at EIDES to help build relationships with teachers, students and their families promoting social competence and overall healthy development.

A visitor to EIDES may see us connecting with students 1-1, within group settings, on the playground or during community outings. Throughout the school day a Youth Care Workers goal is always the same, enhancing the social and emotional development of our students.

We work towards achieving this goal are through our food programs (Breakfast buddies, Lunch program, backpack buddies and snack breaks) while checking in with our students to see how they are feeling throughout their day. We also offer a soft start to the school day, allowing students the time and space they might need to be successful, returning to class ready to learn and play with others.

Where can you find us at EIDES?

The Panther's Den is a new space that was repurposed to provide students with a zone that is focused on connection, belonging and leisure. In the Panthers Den students learn self-regulation strategies, co-operation skills, team building, emotional literacy, and ways to self-regulate independently and/or with the support of safe adults and accepting peers.  

Youth Care workers strive to create a culture of belonging, acceptance, and inclusion within our school that carries on into our students' families and into the community.