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School District 5
Kootenay Discovery School
Education Anytime, Anyplace, Your Pace
About our School
​​ ​​​​​Kootenay Discovery School and Kootenay Learning Campus

Kootenay Discovery School and Kootenay Learning Campus provide different models of instruction for learners who are looking for alternatives to the Brick and Mortar setting, wish to complete a course for graduation, take a course for interest or work to obtain their adult graduation diploma.​ 

Kootenay Discovery School (KDS) and Kootenay Learning Campus ( KLC) provide educational opportunities that may not be possible to students attending a traditional "brick and mortar" school.  We offer alternative, self paced educational programs to students in Kindergarten to Grade 12 + ​Adult. 

Ownership of Learning

KDS and KLC allow the student to be in charge of their learning. They can decide on the pace at which to move through the material, when they are ready to be assessed, and in some cases, make decisions on how to be assessed.  We believe that this responsibility empowers students with the confidence to develop competencies that will serve them effectively after graduation and into adulthood.

Online Learning​/Blended Learning (Grades K -12)

Kootenay Discovery School is our online and blended learning school. Online learning provides the flexibility and convenience of learning in a self paced, mobile environment, and expands course options for any student located within School District 5. Blended learning combines the best of both worlds. Students can learn at home or while travelling, then still participate in regular meet ups in a face to face setting with a teacher in a small cohort to work on core competencies, inquiry projects, and group outings.

KDS offers over 60 online courses, all of which meet BC Ministry of Education mandated curriculum guidelines and learning outcomes. We offer full time learning programs for students grades Kindergarten - 9, which are delivered in a blended model of class time and home learning time. We also offer fully online courses for grades 10-12 students. 

We also offer a selection of courses for graduated adults wishing to upgrade their courses for entrance into post secondary institutions. 

​FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

How does cross enrollment for high school students work?
With cross enrollment, a student simply enrolls in two schools at the same time, completing in-class studies in their current BC secondary school, and enrolling with KDS or KLC for the courses they choose to take online. 

What are the benefits of cross enrollment?
Here's an example: A student has been looking forward to taking a metalwork elective, however when they meet to plan their semester with their school counselor, they learn that it's only offered at their secondary school at the same time as Social Studies 10, a course they're required to take. Cross enrollment allows the student to enroll with KDS to complete Social Studies 10 as a distributed learning course, freeing up the time on the schedule to also take the metalwork elective at their current school. The student is credited for both completed courses.

Cross enrollment provides helpful tools to school counsellors throughout BC to find creative solutions that motivate students. Families can choose a learning environment that supports their child's needs and provides a positive peer experience. It's our experience at KDS/ KLC that providing this flexibility motivates learners to take a keener interest in their education.

Students who utilize a cross enrollment option can also meet their goals faster by having the option of continuing their studies throughout the year, or by taking academic courses consecutively. For example, some students find that understanding the concepts in a Math 11 course is easier when it's taken in the semester immediately following completion of Math 10, rather than waiting until the next school year.

What if a student needs help?
Our staff specializes in distributed learning, and being able to provide the resources that support distance learning. Each student is assigned a BC certified teacher, and the student creates a customized work plan to help them meet their goals.

Where is Kootenay Discovery School and Kootenay Learning Campus?
KDS is a fully funded and accredited BC school operating within School District 5 ( Southeast Kootenay) in the East Kootenays. 

Our main campus is located at 802 2nd Avenue, Fernie, BC. 

KDS also has a campus at 25-17th Ave North, Cranbrook, BC.  

The protocols for cross enrollment are approved by the BC Ministry of Education and have been successfully implemented through KDS for many years.

Is cross enrollment with KDS/KLC right for you?
The answer is yes, if you want to:

  • Fit more electives into your course schedule
  • Work at your own pace
  • Meet goals of graduation requirements faster
KLC is for Adults! We offer Continuing Education courses for Adults ages 16+.

Adults who have not yet received their BC graduation diploma can obtain their BC Adult Graduation Diploma through KLC. 

Adults can also take courses with us at our KLC locations, whether for upgrading for post secondary or to work towards a regular high school  diploma.

To qualify for a free education through KLC services and the Ministry of Education for British Columbia, you must be a resident within School District 5.

Kootenay Discovery School and and Kootenay Learning Campus Teachers are here to support you!

For our fully online courses, our teachers are available Monday to Friday (8:30 am - 3:30 pm MST) to support your learning in person at our campus in Fernie or Cranbrook, by phone, or online through our Brightspace platform. 

The Fernie Campus is also open on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 8:30 am - 7:00 pm MST.

In our blended programs, teachers support students face to face in regularly scheduled classroom times, as well as remotely.