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School District 5
Lengthen Your Stride
Laurie Middle School
Youth Care

Youth Care Services

Youth Care Services at Laurie Middle School is available full time for student and families. The role of the Youth Care Worker is to foster success in our youth through providing necessary socio-emotional supports connections with community agencies, and responding to the day to day needs of the students and their families.

Some of the supports accessible through Youth Care include:

  • Salvation Army Lunch Program
  • Access to clothing and school supplies
  • Muay Thai Life Skills Group
  • Kid Sport Referrals
  • Community Connections
  • EKAAS Groups
Youth Care also runs the W.I.N. (What Is Needed) Space - Room 109. In the W.I.N. space, students can connect with the YCW, take a break, get a snack, or just spend a few quiet moments to regroup.

Melissa Young
Youth Care Worker
(250) 417-3168