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Lengthen Your Stride
Laurie Middle School
Into Grade 8

If you are on this page, you are a grade 7 student going into grade 8. Below you will find all of your elective choices. The surveys are now closed. If you have any questions, please call the school at (250) 426-5291.

Click here to fill out your elective selections: Elective Selection Form

Elective Choices for Grade 8 for the 2021-2022 School Year

Art 8 (Half Year)

Art 8 will build on the grade 7 program, exposing students to the basic skills and techniques in art, expressing themselves creatively and effectively solving artistic problems.  Students will further develop their understanding of design, composition and color theory.  They will be exposed to a selection of fundamental artists and art periods.

Band 8 (Full Year)

Band 8 is a continuation of Band 7. It is a linear class which means it runs all year. More and more responsibility will be placed on the student for home practice, technical requirements, solos, theory, and class analysis of music played.

Compass 8 (Full Year)

Imagine writing in your journal when you've reached the top of your hike or re-enacting a historical event in the forest…when looking at options for grade 8, consider the Compass program, where you are not choosing just one elective, but to be part of a learning community. Within the Compass program this year, you take a package of courses which include English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Physical/Health Education. The flexibility within Compass allows us to take our learning opportunities on hikes, skiing, biking and on overnight camping trips among other activities. Students who choose this option would be keen to be outdoors regardless of the weather. Compass is a package of courses that will take 7 blocks in your timetable. In the eighth block, students will take two mandatory courses (French and Career Ed) for half a year each. If you choose to take Compass you will be given more information regarding the application process and the fee associated with this program.


Computers 8 (Half Year)

This class is an introduction to information technology.  Students will have the opportunity to use computers in order to expand their knowledge and skills in a number of areas, including operating systems, file management, hardware and software applications, Internet Safety, and Media Literacy. Students will build projects in Kodu Game Lab Design, create websites in Weebly, code basic projects in Scratch, and create a stop motion animation using video editor.

Drama 8 (Half Year)

Grade 8 Drama will continue to expand your "actor's toolkit" with mini units in mime, stage combat, voice work, character speeches, and improvisation.  This course is an opportunity to improve your public speaking, leadership, and social skills.

Foods & Nutrition 8 (Half Year)

Food Studies 8 is an introductory course intended to give the students valuable information and practice in enjoyable food preparation (cooking ), in safe food practice (food handling, equipment and working in a group) and in nutrition knowledge. They will cook foods such biscuits and muffins, and will make meals such as spaghetti with sauce and stir fry; skills they can use at home. There will be an opportunity for the students to experience cooking a Metis meal with a Metis community member.

Sewing 8 (Half Year)

Clothing and Textiles 8 (Sewing) is an introductory sewing course intended to give students basic sewing skills using woven and knit fabrics. They will learn hand sewing techniques as well as the safe use of a sewing machine and a serger. The projects will include and ear bud pouch, a sports bag, and possibly boxer shorts. Knit fabrics will be used to make a t-shirt, a toque, or slippers. Learning to use a commercial sewing patter will be included.

Shop 8 (Half Year)

Learn how to use several of the power tools in the woodworking shop while you build a small wooden basketball toy and an air powered car. You'll also have time in the metalwork shop to create projects that are closer to jewelry/art and to learn welding techniques to form a gravity defying balancing person. Try your hand at forging or ring making and bring your imagination for a personal project. For most students, there will be time to design, plan, and build your own small projects. You will have opportunity to learn and use many of the tools and machines in both the metal and wood shop.

Steam 8 (Half Year)

Are you a creator, thinker, problem solver, doer, innovator, or an inventor? STEAM is designed to have students engage in activities that explore Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics: building bridges, coding, experiments and more. This class provides students the opportunity to investigate why something isn't working, make an adjustment, and try again...