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Lengthen Your Stride
Laurie Middle School
Into Grade 9

If you are on this page, you are a grade 8 student going into grade 9. Below you will find all of your elective choices. If you have any questions, please call the school at (250) 426-5291.

Click here to fill out your elective selections: Elective Selection Form

Elective Choices for Grade 9 for the 2021-2022 School Year

Art 9 (Half Year)

Art 9 will build on the grade 7 and grade 8 program, exposing students to the basic skills and techniques in art, expressing themselves creatively and effectively solving artistic problems.  The students will further develop their understanding of design, composition and color theory.  They will be exposed to a selection of fundamental artists and art periods.

Band 9 (Full Year)

Band 9 is a continuation of Band 8.  More and more responsibility will be placed on the student for home practice, technical requirements, solos, theory, and class analysis of music played. Students may be selected for extra-curricular Concert Band, subject to effort, skill, attendance, overall instrumental and willingness to perform and travel with the band.

Compass 9 (Full Year)

Imagine writing in your journal when you've reached the top of your hike or re-enacting a historical event in the forest…when looking at your options for grade 9, consider the Compass program, where you are not choosing just one elective, but to be part of a learning community. Within the Compass program, you take English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Physical and Health Education. The flexibility within Compass allows us to take our learning opportunities on hikes, skiing, biking, and on overnight camping trips among other things. Students who choose this option should be keen to be outdoors. If you choose to take Compass you will be given more information regarding the application process and the fee associated with this program. There will be space in your grade 9 schedule to take 1 or 2 electives but 7 blocks will be with the Compass program.


Computers 9 (Half Year)

This course is a continuation of what students learned in grade 8. Students will work on more intermediate skills in Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), Web Page Design, Photoshop, basic coding using Scratch, Kodu Game Lab Design, and stop motion animation. 

Drama 9 (Half Year)

In Grade 9 Drama, students will continue to learn more skills for their "actor's toolkit" delving into a bit of theatre history, physical theatre, voice work and accents, as well as deeper look into character and scene work. Drama 9 will provide fantastic opportunities for building confidence, leadership skills, and will be lots of fun!

Express Yourself 9 (Half Year)

This grade 9 elective is new to Laurie Middle and is a combination of English Language Arts, Media, and Self-advocacy. It is designed to allow students a chance to examine themselves, their ideas about their world, and what they'd like other to know about them. Students will be able to express their ideas through a number of projects that will include visual, digital, written, vocal, musical, and physical options. If you like self-expression and lots of choice, this is for you!

Film & Media Arts 9 (Half Year)

This course builds on skills learned in Computers 8. There is an emphasis on creating computer based animations using Adobe CS6 software and Claymation using modelling clay and Adobe Premiere. Adobe Illustrator is also explored. Students will examine elements of photography using Adobe Photoshop where students will be able to take images and make them into artistic creations. Film making will also be explored using Adobe Premiere software.

Foods 9 (Full Year)

Foods 9 is an opportunity for students to learn and practice safe food handling practices; both with food and equipment. They will learn many cooking techniques by making a variety of foods ranging from biscuits and muffins to Lasagna and Gnocchi. Learning about Nutrition and food service is also part of the course. The students will also have an opportunity to get their "Foodsafe" certificate.

French 9 (Full Year)

French 9 enables students, within limitations of grade and course level, to understand and to express themselves both orally and in writing. Students develop the necessary learning skills needed for continued language study. They also become familiar with and appreciate the cultures of others; to learn about customs, geography, history and lifestyles of other language groups.

International Foods 9 (Half Year)

The focus of this course is to introduce students to the cuisines of the world. A variety of countries will be studied (examples: Japan, France, Greece). The students will learn basic cooking methods and sample a variety of dishes from each country.  An open mind and willing taste buds are required! Basic food preparation, nutrition and sanitation will be included. 

Metalwork 9 (Half Year)

Look around and you will find that metal is a material found in a large number of things that we use and depend on every day. Discover some of the properties of various metals through the construction of projects. Learning how to form sheet metal into a tool box or forge metal into Celtic design. The MIG welder, forge, plasma cutter, metal lathe, and several other tools will also be covered in the construction of a project that recycles left over metal into a bedside lamp. Bring your creativity and find out the many possibilities of what metal work can be.

Metalwork 9 - Jewelry/Art 9 (Half Year)

The use of metal for the design of jewelry and artistic expression will be the focus for this course. Students will gain experience on the various machines in the metal shop along with the use of specialty tools to create projects such as rings (lost wax cast, folded coin, and banded types), enamelled copper bead bracelet, pendants, charms, dog tags, silhouettes, figures, and others. Some of the finer processes like brazing and soldering, which are used to assemble metal pieces, will also be covered in this course. No previous experience needed, just a good attention to detail and your imagination.

Sewing 9 (Half Year)

The students will learn basic sewing skills and techniques to make projects from woven fabrics, such as purses or satchels, PJ bottoms, button-up shirts and knit fabrics, such as t-shirts, hoodies/sweaters, leggings/tights and a repurposing project such as a jean skirt from jeans. The students will have an opportunity to use the serger and the embroidery sewing machine.

Woodworking 9 (Half Year)

Discover the difference between various tree species and their importance in the woodwork industry. Ever wondered how that awesome piece of furniture is held together? Learn some traditional and non-traditional joinery using all sorts of tools and equipment, including stationary power equipment. All of this information will be put to use in the hands-on construction of your project.

Yearbook 9 (Half Year)

Photography/Yearbook Journalism will focus on the creation of the school's yearbook. Students will practice and learn skills for planning, shooting and editing photographs. Students will also practice and learn basic skills for designing yearbook pages.