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School District 5
Home of the Wild
Mount Baker Secondary School
Lunch Program
The Mount Baker Secondary School Lunch Program offers students and staff a variety of nutritious food for a modest price.  Meals are offered from local restaurants and vary daily.

Chicken Pot Pie from Auntie Barb's Bakery and a drink - $7
A delicious, classic comfort food 

2 slices of Pizza Hut pizza and a drink - $7
A variety of mouthwatering pizza choices is offered

Chinese Food and a drink - $7

Pasta choices from Pizza Hut and a drink - $7

Cheeseburgers ($3), hamburgers ($2.5), or grilled chicken salad ($6) or grilled chicken snack wraps ($2.50) from Dairy Queen.

In addition, the following items are available most days:
-Juice, water, white or chocolate milk
-Yogurt, veggies with ranch dip, fruit snacks, cookies, popcorn, Dairy Queen dilly bars
-Pizza pops, Jamaican patties, beef burritos
-Soup, chili, Real Deal Australian meat pies, and rice or pasta