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Mount Baker Secondary School
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Mount Baker Tutor List  
View our tutor list at  TUTORS 2018-19.pdf
All Tutors must complete a criminal record check to be placed on our list. Contact Mrs. Taylor in the Counselling Office for more information -
Math tutorial schedule:                          Lunch:                                                                   Afterschool:

                     Monday            Mr.Burgess, Mr. Hamilton (223)                                          Ms. Bidder (222)
                     Tuesday           Mr. Burgess, Mr. Hamilton (223) | Ms. Lynes (224)          No Tutorial     
                     Wednesday     Mr. Burgess, Mr. Hamilton (223) | Ms. Lynes (224)           Ms. Blissett (207) | Mr. Paron (225)
                     Thursday         Mr. Burgess, Mr. Hamilton (223) | Ms. Lynes (224)           Mr. Paron (225)
                     Friday               No Tutorial                                                                               Ms. Bidder (222) | Mr. Paron (225)


Math 10 Workplace:

Key Unit 0 Basic Math.pdf

Key Unit 1 Conversions.pdf

Key Unit 2 Trigonometry.pdf

Key Unit 3 Volume and Surface Area.pdf

Key Unit 4 Statistics.pdf

Math 10 Pre-Calculus:

Unit 0 Integers and Fractions.pdf

Unit 1 Exponents.pdf

Unit 2 Polynomials.pdf

Unit 3 Linear Systems.pdf

Unit 4 Functions and Relations.pdf

Unit 5 Trigonometry.pdf

Unit 6 Finance.pdf

Math 11 Workplace:

Key Unit 1 Whole Numbers.pdf

Key Unit 2 Fractions.pdf

Key Unit 3 Decimals.pdf

Key Unit 4 Ratio and Proportion.pdf

Key Unit 5 Measurement.pdf

Key Unit 6 Pre-Algebra.pdf

Key Unit 7 Basic Algebra.pdf

Math 11 Pre-Calculus:

Unit 1 Factoring and Rationals.pdf

Unit 2 Radicals and Exponents.pdf

Unit 3 Quadratics.pdf

Unit 4 Trigonometry.pdf

Unit 5 Word Problems.pdf

Here are some helpful links:


Exponents: Basic Rules | Purplemath

Negative Exponents | Purplemath


Functions: Domain and Range | Purplemath

Function Notation: Definitions & Evaluating at a Number | Purplemath


Adding Polynomials

Simple Polynomial Multiplication

Polynomial Division: Simplification (Reduction) | Purplemath

Simple Factoring | Purplemath

Factoring Quadratics: The Simple Case | Purplemath

Linear Systems:

Systems of Linear Equations: Solving by Substitution

Systems of Linear Equations: Solving by Addition / Elimination

Straight-Line Equations: Parallel and Perpendicular Lines | Purplemath


Basic Trigonometric Ratios: Examples

Inverses of Trigonometric Ratios