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School District 5
Pinewood ROCKS!
Pinewood Elementary School
About our School

Pinewood Elementary School has a population of 129 students. We are in our 36th year of providing and ensuring that our learners have a purpose, are engaged and have options whilst being with us.  Being a small, family-oriented school, we continue to provide a safe, caring and welcoming environment. 

As a result of our small school population, our school-wide programs are implemented in a timely manner. We pride ourselves in creating a common discourse of learning, sharing our strengths, and honoring our diversity as a Pinewood team.  A highlight of one of our school - wide programs is physical literacy. Daily at Pinewood Elementary, we provide a school - wide program that entails cardiovascular activity, stretching, relaxation and fun, which together is a recipe for success of our students and their learning throughout the day.

The Pinewood Code of Conduct is centered around the theme 'PINEWOOD ROCKS’ where students develop respect, organization, cooperation, kindness and safety.  With strong support from our PAC, Pinewood School provides exceptional educational activities. 

Please see Pinewood Elementary Handbook 2019-2020.pdf

Pinewood Elementary School -Action Plan - 2018 - 2019 final.pdf

Pinewood Action Plan Video - 


To quote our students: “PINEWOOD ROCKS.”​

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