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School District 5
Southeast Kootenay
Teaching Staff
School District 5 is located in the southeast corner of the province of British Columbia. Our District includes the communities of Cranbrook, South Country (Baynes Lake, Grasmere, Elko, Galloway and Jaffray), Fernie, Sparwood and Elkford. The combined population is approximately 36,000. The distance between Cranbrook and Elkford is approximately 161 km, which is important to keep in mind if you are applying for work here! (Please see the About Us tab above, for more details about SD5 and all that our region has to offer!)
If you are an external applicant, we encourage you to check back here regularly, to see new jobs as soon as they become available.  At this time, special consideration will be given to those with formal training/experience in Secondary Math/Science/Industrial Education/French Immersion/Student Services and to those with formal training/experience in French Immersion and Student Services at the Elementary level. Please see below for instructions on how to apply.

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Internal Applicants:

Job Postings can be found on Job Posting Web from your PowerSchool Web Portal. 

To access Job Posting Web please sign into your SRB Web Portal by clicking the link "PowerSchool (SRB) Login" found at the top of this page.  Once you have logged into the Web Portal you can see a complete list of job postings by checking out your DASHBOARD - simply click on the heading called My Dashboard and then click on the subheading Dashboard.

To upload documents, create a profile and apply for jobs, please click on the JOB POSTINGS heading on your SRB Web Portal.


External Applicants:


External Applicants can  create a profile and apply for jobs as soon as they become available. Click on the link below to get started:


Need Help with External Job Posting? Instructions on How to Create a Profile & How to Apply for a Specific Job Posting can be found here:

External job applicants (how to).pdf




Job Descriptions 



1- Teacher of English as a Second Language.pdf

2 - Stay-In-School Coordinator.pdf

3- School Psychologist.pdf

3 - District Assessment Counsellor.pdf

4 - Teacher of the Visually Impaired.pdf

5 - Resource Centre Coordinator.pdf

6 - Teacher of the Hearing Impaired.pdf

7 - Career Programs Coordinator.pdf

8 - Secondary School Athletic Intramural Program Coordinator.pdf

9 - Teacher of the Gifted.pdf

10 - Integration Coordinator.pdf

11 - Department Heads.pdf

12 - Teacher-In-Charge.pdf

13 - District Elementary Counsellor.pdf

14 - Hospital Homebound.pdf

15 - Technology Resource Teacher.pdf

16 - Student Services Coordinator.pdf

17 - Math-Numeracy Support Teacher.pdf

18 - Support Teacher for Student-directed Learning.pdf

19 - Hockey Program Teacher.pdf

20 - Reading Support Teacher.pdf

21 - Behavior Support Teacher.pdf

22 - District Literacy Teacher.pdf

23 - Student Services Teacher.pdf

25 -Teacher Librarian.pdf

26 - Co-Teacher.pdf

28 - Promoting Healthy Schools Coordinator.pdf

29 - District Behavior Specialist.pdf