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Photo: Brian Bisset

Local Artist's work is unveiled at RMES

In a ceremony before Christmas break, a new piece of artwork in the school entrance was unveiled to Rocky Mountain students, staff and parents.  Rocky Mountain Elementary School commissioned a piece of glass art from local artist Katherine Russell.  In a collaboration between the school's teachers and Parent Advisory Committee, an impressive three panelled piece of etched glass art was agreed upon that would honour the current vibrant school culture and the roots from which it has grown from.

 Russell's piece does this with one panel representing a blue and white cougar, which depicts the once downtown school of Elkford Elementary School's colours and mascot.  Another panel represents the pre-amalgamation mascot and colours of the uptown Rocky Mountain Elementary School, the maroon and white ram.  These two panels both anchor the mighty grizzly glass panel, the driving symbol of our current RMES, which now welcomes all children kindergarten to grade 6 in Elkford.  

The goal of this piece was not only to honour the very first school in Elkford but to also act as a big welcome to all those who enter our vibrant and beautiful community of learners at RMES.


The mission of Rocky Mountain Elementary School is to provide a quality education which will enable all students to reach their full potential within a caring environment. In achieving that end, we focus on the core subject areas, bully prevention, emotional-regulation and social/emotional competence.

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