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School District 5
International Education
International Program

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Students choose the Southeast Kootenay International Education Program because of our beautiful mountain scenery, safe small cities, great activities, outstanding ski and snowboard opportunities, and high quality student care.


Our program was established in 2003 and each year, we now host about 100 students aged 13 to 18 (Grades 8 to 12), mainly from Mexico, Germany, Brazil and Japan.  We also accept some 12-year-old students who can demonstrate that they have the maturity to live in a foreign country, away from their home and parents.  And we also accept students aged 5 to 12 who are accompanied by at least one of their natural parents.


Most students study with us for one semester (5 months) or one school year (10 months), but we also accept students for short term stays less than five months (usually 3 months).  Most students who plan to officially graduate from high school here stay for two or three years, but some older students are able to meet the graduation requirements in one year (see School Information).  Our first semester runs from early September to late January and our second semester runs from early February to late June.  We strongly encourage students to begin their studies in either September or February.



River Rafting T2S.jpgMedical Insurance

All students are covered throughout their stay with our program by the standard medical insurance plan provided by StudentGuard.  In addition to the standard plan, our program arranges extra medical insuranse coverage for adventure activities and the misuse of drugs and alcohol.  The detailed policy statement is available on request.






Multicultural Day

Our program is also an opportunity for Canadian students to meet and get to know international students.  Twice each year, international students visit elementary schools to share their country and culture with Grade 4 and 5 students.  These multicultural days are a highlight of the year!  The young Canadian kids are always so excited to meet other (older) kids from other countries!
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