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7355 Jaffray Village Loop Rd, Jaffray, BC, V0B 1T0| 250.429.3211| Fax: 250.429.3555 Utility Links
School District 5
Rebel Pride
Jaffray Elementary / Jr. Secondary School

​​​​​Jaffray School Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

Every first Tuesday of the month, we hold a meeting in the library regarding our children's academic, extra curricular programs and their environment.  If you would like to partner in your child's education, please join us to discuss ways in which we can support our children.​

PAC Executive 

Chair -  Susan Wentzell

Vice Chair-  Jacqueline Blumhagen

Secretary-  Holly Sawchuk β€‹

Treasurer- Shelly Leuenberger

Online Manager- Linnaea Sandberg

Fundraising sub-committee:

     Amanda Larsen

     Lou Sommerfeld

     Remi McArthur

     Kaylee Maurin 

DPAC-  Don Sawchuk

PAC Bursary Application Form.pdfPAC Bursary Application Form.pdf

​JEJSS PAC Oct 4 2016 Constitution Bylaws Per Bill 11.pdf

SD5 Social Media Policy 2016.pdf