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School District 5
Growing Together - Learning Forever
Kootenay Orchards Elementary School
Programs & Services
Kootenay Orchards Elementary
Programs and Services

✰  Qualified, experienced, and caring teachers

✰  Student Services Teacher (who assists in identifying and supporting
     students with learning challenges)

✰  Special Needs Program

✰  Music/Band Program

✰  Speech Language Specialist

✰  Vision Resource Teacher

✰  Youth Care Worker

✰  Education Assistants

✰  Aboriginal Education Support Worker

✰  District Elementary Counselor

✰  Teacher Librarian

✰  One-to-One Reading Program

✰  Core French

✰  Occupational and Physical Therapy Services

✰  District Hearing Resource Teacher Services

✰  Daily Physical Education

✰  Theme Days to Promote School Spirit

✰  Special School-wide Events such as ‘Art in the Orchards’ and ‘Mission
     Impossible Week’

✰  District Sports (i.e. Volleyball, Basketball, Track and Field)