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School District 5
Growing Together - Learning Forever
Kootenay Orchards Elementary School
About our School

Welcoming Spaces, Welcome Minds to Welcome Hearts

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Kootenay Orchards Elementary School is a community of learners consisting of 227 students, 30 teaching and support staff and countless parents and community volunteers.  We strive to offer educational opportunities that are holistic in nature.  Academics, Fine Arts, Physical Fitness and Well being along with Environmental​ Awareness and Stewardship and Critical Citizenship are our focus.  We are a community of critical thinkers, preparing to contribute in a positive fashion on a local  and global level.  Kootenay Orchards is fortunate to be able to provide learning spaces that inspire our students and teachers to create, collaborate and imagine!

To learn more about what Kootenay Orchards can offer your child please email :

Kootenay Orchards Elementary School - Stage 2 Return to School Plan: Safety Protocol.pdf

Please find our Welcome to Kootenay Orchards School Fall 2020 - Live event recording: Here

Framework for Enhancing Student Learning/ School Growth Plan