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School District 5
Lengthen Your Stride
Laurie Middle School
Dress Code
Please, come dressed for school!

While we recognize that clothing is an avenue for personal expression, we at the same time want to encourage our students to be respectful of the dress code and to maintain a respectful appearance. Students whose clothing is deemed by a staff member to be inappropriate, unsafe, or inadequate will be respectfully and discreetly asked to change or cover their clothing and in some instances, a staff member may assist the student in finding a suitable solution for appropriate dress.

Some specific guidelines

  • Tops that cover chest, back and midriff may be worn; no undergarments showing
  • Mid-thigh length shorts and or skirts may be worn
  • Health and safety regulations require the wearing of shoes in school
  • Clothing referencing tobacco, drugs, alcohol, offensive language, sex, hatred or violence is not considered appropriate for school and may not be worn
  • Coats and jackets may only be worn in class with the teacher's permission
Physical Education:
The appropriate wear encouraged for PE includes a T-shirt, shorts or sweat pants, and sport shoes.  Hats may be worn outside.