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School District 5
Kootenay Discovery School
Education Anytime, Anyplace, Your Pace
​​There are a number of factors which will determine a successful learning experience for a student in an online learning/ blended  learning  environment.
The key factor, in our experience, is that the parent must be prepared to support the student's learning activities on a day-to-day basis. It is one of the goals of education to develop independent life-long learners and the Discovery Program, with the participation of student and parent(s), can help develop those skills.
The program can also provide the enthusiastic and industrious student the time to pursue other interests such as those in areas of: sports, fine arts, employment or travel.
Self-paced Instruction
All of our students are on individualized programs. This means that they are keeping pace with themselves, not a class of students.
If the student wishes to complete the course in a shorter time period, they may do so by dedicating more time to the learning activities.
If the student needs to take a break from the course for the purposes of work, sports or other time commitments, they may do so. When they return to the learning activities, they will pick up from where they left off.
The only caution is that a student needs to set a pace. Nothing done is not a pace. The student will be cautioned by the instructor when no work has been submitted over a significant period of time. If the student is not able to determine a work pace, they will be removed from the course and allowed to re-enroll when they are ready and able to make a time commitment.
KDS Code of Conduct
If you would like more information about the Discovery Program and/or student placement in this program, please contact one of our educators listed on the Contact Us page.