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Mount Baker Secondary School
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​​Transcript Information and Post Secondary Institution Selections (PSI) - You MUST do this if you are applying to a Post-Secondary Institution or if you would like a copy of your high school transcript!!

​Grade 12 and adult students can view and order their transcripts to be sent to Post Secondary Institutions (PSIs), prospective employers, and themselves on the Student Transcripts Service at: Students must create a Basic BCeID account to access their information. Students need only complete their PSI selections once in the current school year. Students should make their PSI selections by APRIL 20th, but if needed, may add to their selections at any time through to early July.  Students should leave the default option to allow the PSI to accept transcript information as it becomes available.

Current students can send up to 25 free transcripts to Post-Secondary Institutions and order themselves a printed final transcript (to be sent in the fall after graduation by mail) for free!  To pre-order transfer of interim marks in May, as well as final marks in July, to Post-Secondary Institutions, select "Send Interim and Final Marks when they become available".​​

**Note:  The BC Ministry of Education will not send students a copy of their transcript if the student has not requested a copy through the Student Transcript Service.  If students would like a copy of their transcript, they MUST order a copy to be sent to them through the Student Transcript Service.**

If you have completed (have a final mark) in CLC 12 (Career Life Connections 12), your PSI selections may have been done as one of your assignments.  If you completed CLC in Grade 11, you will have to make your Post Secondary Selections AGAIN, as they will no longer be valid for your Grade 12 year. You may still add to your selections at any time through to early July.

Please see Ms. Barnett in the Counselling Office to ensure your name and mailing address are correct so your transcript is accurate.​​​