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School District 5
Sparwood Secondary School
About our School

​​​​​​Sparwood Secondary School, home of the Spartans, opened its doors in 2008. The school is fed by the neighboring Frank J. Mitchell Elementary and hosts a student body of approximately 300 learners between grades seven and twelve. Facilities include a kitchen classroom, multiple science labs, wood shop, metal shop, library learning commons, weight room,​ and gymnasium​.    


The programs and services maintained at SSS through the 2021/2022 school year are detailed below. 

​​Aboriginal Education Support

​Aboriginal Education is committed to improve Aboriginal Student Success. All students who identify themselves as being of Aboriginal Ancestry are eligible for student services through the Aboriginal Program with the Aboriginal Education Support Worker. Examples of support are: advocacy, communicating between home and school, home and community, cultural presentation/field trips, and student support (peer group, after school homework support, presentations, academic achievement and attendance monitoring).


​Historically, Sparwood Secondary has supported student athletes competing in BC School Sports programs including Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Track and Field, Cross-Country Running, Skiing, Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, Golf, and Esports. You are encouraged to follow our independent Facebook page for the latest news on our athletic program.

Breakfast Program

​Sparwood Secondary School hosts a breakfast program that runs every day from 8:15 am until 8:35 am. Students can pick up a breakfast item from Room 117.  This is free of charge for students and is open to all students who wish to have breakfast.

Bussing Program

​​A large fraction of the Sparwood Secondary students bus to and from school every day. Our bussing schedule and rules for appropriate bus use will be posted soon. 


Sparwood Secondary's enrolling courses are drawn from the province of British Columbia's current course curriculum, which can be found here. The modern curriculum is expansive (for example, there are 15 unique Social Studies courses at the grade 12 level). It is not possible for a school of our size to offer every course every year; SSS selects its yearly offerings based on the interests of students and the specialties of faculty. For more information please contact the school office.  


Our Drama program has the goal of "establishing a tradition of theatrical excellence at Sparwood Secondary."  We are amateurs who strive to achieve excellence.  Through commitment, hard-work, cooperation, perseverance, and help from many different hands, we have been putting on a theatrical production once a year.  If this sounds like something you are interested in, feel free join us, and get ready to be pushed out of your comfort zone!  

In-House Youth Worker Support

Sparwood Secondary School offers full time Youth Care services. The Youth Care Worker provides behavioral, emotional, and social support to students and to the Alternate Program within the school. Some examples of the services provided by the Youth Care Worker include: academic monitoring, improving students' organizational skills, peer groups, advocacy, focus groups on life skill topics suited to student needs, collaboration with outside agencies, coordination of classroom/group presentations, as well as being a liaison between students, parents and teachers,. For more information please contact Sara Legacy​.

Kick the Nic

Our SSS Nicotine Task Force is a youth-led group of volunteer students who help to advocate for services, support, and bring awareness to SSS students and staff with regards to nicotine and vaping/smoking. As a result, Sparwood Secondary takes an active and supportive role in its approach to harm reduction, and support, for nicotine users. One project, run in partnership with East Kootenay Addictions Services Society (EKASS), is called Kick the Nic. Kick the Nic is a program designed to provide students with information and services to help them make informed choices regarding vaping and smoking, and seek the support required to make changes

Outdoor Ed

Outdoor Education at Sparwood Secondary gives students the opportunity to take their learning beyond the walls of the classroom. Throughout the year, we take part in outdoor physical activities available in our area, focusing on physical fitness, knowledge, and aptitudes that enable us to push ourselves beyond our comfort zones safely and effectively. As a group, we work on survival and outdoor skills, leadership and teamwork skills, and gain an understanding of environmental stewardship. Activities may include canoeing, kayaking, hiking, survival skills training, rock climbing, cross-country skiing, avalanche training, and so much more. Please contact Melissa Traub at for more information.


PRISM stands for Pride, Race, Identity, Sexuality and Movement. It is a student organization supported by Mr. Lund and Ms. Kundrik that creates a safe space for students to explore their identities and connect with other students. We meet Mondays at lunch time in the library for games, movies, and informal hangout time.​


The STRIVE alternate program is designed to meet the individual needs of students outside of the regular classroom. We are here to help students accomplish their educational goals along with facilitating an environment that allows for social and emotional growth. 

STRIVE has a part-time Youth Care Worker who provides social and emotional support to the students.  Helping youth develop healthy life skills is important to us. Throughout the year, we run team-building activities, educational/therapeutic groups, and have numerous community agencies deliver presentations.

Tabletop Gaming and Roleplaying

At Sparwood Secondary, we believe that games played around a table provide excellent jumping-off points for lessons in numeracy, literacy, and the fine arts, and we're very happy to support our young gamers with a variety of extracurricular opportunities. In years past, our club has featured extensive Dungeons and Dragons campaigns involving staff and students, hosted Magic: the Gathering tournaments, held Warhammer painting sessions, and experimented with dozens of smaller board and card games.

Students interested in these activities (or wanting to pitch new games for the school community to try) should watch for announcements about club meetings or visit room 105 at lunch. ​