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School District 5
Sparwood Secondary School

​Report Cards

In most cases, teachers will prepare two written report cards for each class. Report card dates for this year are: November 17, 2023, as well as February 5, April 29, and June 27, 2024.

In Grades 7, 8, and 9, the teacher will summarize learning using a proficiency scale term. A student's learning might be described as Emerging, Developing, Proficient or Extending. The Semester 1 report in November and Semester 2 report in March are not considered to be a final record and are not saved by the school or ministry after the completion of the course. Only the final report (in January for Semester 1 course, June for Semester 2) is preserved in long-term records.

In Grades 10, 11, and 12, the teacher will summarize learning using a percentage score and corresponding letter grade. A separate score will be assigned for each term and students will receive an overall semester grade. Both term grades will be reflected on the student's transcript along with their overall grade.

Contact the office for general information and individual teachers for specific information on their assessment policies.


​Students will create digital portfolios over their time at Sparwood Secondary. Student portfolios are often used as a place for work to be assessed by their teachers, but these digital portfolios can also be used to show evidence of their learning over a longer period of time at school (ex. semester-to-semester, year-to-year, etc.). Parents can access student portfolios through the district's Students & Parents page here.

Graduation Requirements

Click here​ to find BC's graduation requirements for a Dogwood Diploma.


Accessible scholarships are emailed to grads and their parents periodically throughout the school year. If you are not receiving scholarship emails and would like to, please contact Sharlene Charest.