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School District 5
ÉIDES Welcomes You!
École Isabella Dicken Elementary School

​Parents make a big difference in our school learning community and our Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is an important part of ÉIDES.  Every parent in the school is a member of the PAC whether they are able to attend the meetings or not.  The PAC works together with the teachers and administration to plan for the needs of our students.  During the meetings, discussions take place on various topics with an exchange of ideas and suggestions.  The PAC Council plans events and fundraising to benefit the school and the students, sponsoring Book Fairs, Sales, and Special Events.  All the money raised is spent on students and classes at ÉIDES.

The PAC meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 7pm in the École Isabella Dicken Elementary School Library.  Grade 6 students volunteer to provide child minding in one of the kindergarten rooms so parents can attend the meetings.  All parents of ÉIDES students are encouraged to attend the monthly meeting.​