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School District 5
École Isabella Dicken Elementary School

School counselling is designed as a resource for students, their families, and educators.  They are here to support students on a wide range of issues such as social skills, peer relations, changes in family situations, academic difficulties, and self-esteem. Students may choose to have regular sessions (usually 6-8) on a bi-weekly basis or make appointments when needed. Our counsellor provides prevention and intervention services, including individual, group and classwork as well as connecting and educating families on outside agencies/opportunities. The focus of school counselling is to enhance students' development, foster a supportive school culture, and empower students towards positive change.​​

During the year teachers or parents are encouraged to identify students that may benefit from additional support.  In addition to being identified by the adults in their life, students are encouraged to initiate the referral process (a great demonstration of autonomy and independence).

Our school counsellor is Rusan Morgan. If you need to make an appointment with the school counsellor please call the school to make an appointment, or email at