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School District 5
Southeast Kootenay
Board of Education

​​​Mission Statement:

To provide students with equitable, quality, educational opportunities in a safe, supportive environment through the efforts of a caring, professional team in cooperation with students, parents and communities.

Our Board:
In Canada, education is a Provincial responsibility. Under the School Act of British Columbia, each School District is required to have a Board of  Education, which takes on much of the responsibility for the governance of public schools.
The Board of Education is elected locally and assumes the responsibility for governing the education system in a progressive and educationally sound manner. The Board is fully accountable to you, the public.

  2022-2026 Board R.jpg
Left to right back row:  Trustee Chris Johns, Trustee Sarah Madsen, Trustee Irene Bischler, Trustee Alysha Clarke, Trustee Nicole Heckendorf, Trustee Trina Ayling

Left to right front row:  Trustee Bev Bellina, Chair Doug McPhee, Trustee Wendy Turner
School District Governance:
The Board’s main responsibility is to set policies for the School District. Clear, well-defined policies in all areas of school district operation are the means by which the Board gives the necessary direction to its staff — the administrators, teachers and support staff who are responsible for the operation of the school system. Trustees also deal with the School District’s operating and capital budgets and monitor the operation of education programs.