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School District 5
Southeast Kootenay
Advocacy Letters

24-05-24 Letter to Columbia Basin Trust​

​​24-05-16 Letter of Support to B​CIT​​

​24-05-16 Spongy Moth Aerial Treatment Program

24-05-16 Community Connections Letter of Support

24-03-22 Letter to MLA Shypitka (Transportation of Independent and Private School Students)​

23-11-29 Educational Resources for GBV (response)​

​​​​24-03-04 Child Care Initiative Challenges​ (response)​

23-11-21 Child Care Initiative Challenges

​​​​23-11-22 Neurodiversity Training (response)

23-10-11 Neurodiversity Training Response​

23-10-11 Invitation to visit District

23-10-11 Educational Resources for GBV Response

​​23-06-29 Letter from City of Cranbrook in support of Mount Baker Secondary Replacement​

​23-04-24 Letter to Columbia Basin Trust​​

23-05-31 Eby - Neuro Diverse Training​

23-07-24 - Neuro Diverse Training (response)​

23-05-31 Singh - Recognition of School Based Daycares

23-04-24 Shypitka MBSS Thank You

​23-03-29 Singh, Gambling Healthy School Food Program

​23-03-29 Singh, Dix, Broad SLP Deficit

23-06-29 SLP Deficit (response)​

23-03-29 Singh GBV Education

​23-03-29 Singh, Conroy Funding Response Letter to BCSTA

23-07-04 Funding Resources Response Letter (response)​

23-02-22 Singh Gender Neutral Washrooms​

​23-02-15 Trades Funding Follow Up Letter

​22-12-14 Singh Area Standards Indigenous Meeting Places

22-10-26 Whiteside School District 68 Support

22-10-26 Whiteside School Life Cycle Funding

22-06-20 β€‹Transcript from the Budget 2023 Consultation Session with Chris Johns​​​

22-03-08  Horgan Robinson Whiteside.pdf​​

21-12-09 City of Cranbrook Traffic Safety at Schools

21-11-23 MoT_RDEK re Jaffray Lower Speed Limit Request​​

21-11-17 SD5 District Day 2021 Thank You

21-11-17 Hon. Whiteside re Area Standards with Backup Letters

21-10-18 BCSTA S. Higginson re School Life Cycle Funding

21-10-18  Hon. Whiteside re Teacher Regulation Branch​

21-10-18  Hon. Whiteside re Safe Routes to Schools

21-09-23 Ltr to Ministers Whiteside and Kang re Trades Funding​

21-06-12 Ltr Interior Health Support for Child Care in Elkford

21-05-13 Ltr to Ministers Robinson and Whiteside re Funding in SPED (Response)

21-02-21 Ltr to D. Stewart BCPSEA re: Sustainable Teacher

21-02-21 Ltr to Mark Lento,  Manager of Save on Foods Sparwood (Thank you)

21-02-21 Ltr to Hon. Whiteside re: COVID-19 Vaccine

21-01-15 Ltr to Ministers re Early Learning Facilities at SD5 (Response)

21-01-07 Ltr to Hon. Whiteside re: FSA

20-10-28 Ltr to Mike Roberts re: School Site Accuisition.pdf

19-12-17 Ltr to Hon. Fleming re: Funding Distribution Model

19-06-21 Ltr to Hon. Fleming re: Resources for New Curriculum

19-06-13 Ltr Hon. Fleming re: SD5 Funding Model Review Response

19-05-09 Ltr City of Fernie Re: Public Notice

19-04-08 Ltr to Premier Hogan-Hon Fleming re: BC Graduation Program Assessment

19-04-07 Ltr to Darcy Vergeurgt re: Acknowledgement (Response)

19-03-13 Ltr to Hon. Fleming re: MBSS ABED Space

19-01-25 Ltr to Rick Jensen (Response)

19-01-15 Ltr to BCPSEA re: Health & Wellness Thank You

19-01-08 Ltr to COTR re: Employee Vacancies

18-10-15 Ltr to Hon Rob Fleming re: FSA

18-07-25 Ltr to Hon Rob Fleming re:  EHT (Response) (Response)

18-06-25 Ltr to Hon Rob Fleming re: Funding for MBSS Music & Drama (Response)

18-06-06 Ltr to Hon Stephen McNeil

18-05-25 Ltr to Chris Trumpy re: Independent Review Panel

18-03-14 Ltr to Hon Rob Fleming re:  IDES & Capital Plan

17-12-21 Ltr to Hon Rob Fleming re: IDES Replacement (Response)

17-11-03 Ltr to Hon Rob Fleming re: FSA (Response)

17-11-03 Ltr to Hon Rob Fleming re: Invitation to Tour SD5 (Response)

17-06-14 Ltr to School District 42 re: Youth Mental Health

17-06-14 Ltr to Hon Christy Clark re: Support of SD23 Approval of Memorandum of Agreement