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School District 5
School District 5 acknowledges we are on the homelands of the Ktunaxa
Southeast Kootenay
Early Years Learning Resources

‚Äč‚Äč‚ÄčFor Parents‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč

  • ‚ÄčView of the Child - ‚ÄčVideo
Ways to support your child:‚Äč‚Äč
  1. Independence
  2. Curiosity ‚Äč
  3. BIG emotions
Play is FUNdamental‚Äč‚Äč

This is Me - Video‚Äč
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Play Dough
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‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚ÄčEarly Learning Framework‚Äč‚Äč





StrongStart Centres provide parents and caregivers an opportunity to share in their child's early learning experiences and learn and grow together through PLAY. 

The Centre's facilitators are qualified Early Childhood Educators. They will provide carefully selected materials and activities that promote the development of social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and early literacy skills necessary for lifelong learning.‚Äč


Ready, Set, Learn‚Äč

Ready, Set, Learn is an initiative that recognizes that‚Äč families need positive connections with the school system and community agencies that provide relevant resources and information. This program is designed to help you and your preschooler get ready for success in school and become a lifelong learner. All our Elementary Schools in School District No. 5 (Southeast Kootenay) will be offering an opportunity for all 3- to 5-year-olds and their parents or guardians to receive an information/activity package. This event is a partnership between the province, the district, and the early childhood teachers in Cranbrook, Fernie, Sparwood, Jaffray, and Elkford.‚Äč‚Äč


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‚ÄčKindergarten Readiness

Resources t‚Äč‚Äčo help you ready your child for Kindergarten.


SEL.jfif‚ÄčSocial Emotional Learning Resources ‚Äč ‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč


Community Resources ‚Äč

Our Early Years Learning Community is a great source of resources for you and your family.
Indigenous Early Years‚Äč
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Learn with Louis

Learn with Louis is a quarterly newsletter for families with children birth to eight and those working with children birth to eight. Each issue includes family-friendly educational content on Métis culture, including Métis traditions, language, and activities.

‚ÄčLe Villazh Maachi Kashkihtow - The Village of Learning

Le Villazh Maachi Kashkihtow is a quarterly newsletter for early learning and child care professionals and organizations. It aims to bring culturally relevant information and highlights from the Ministry of Education, to inform your practice of cultural inclusion, emphasizing the Métis Way in each edition.




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Outdoor Play

5 Tips to bring nature into Early Learning Environment - Video



  • ‚ÄčNature Scavenger Hunt ‚Äč
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