​Increasing our knowledge of children's early experiences and environments prior to kindergarten that play a critical role in shaping their healthy development. 

During the first years of life, children's development is highly influenced by experiences in their home and community. Quality experiences and healthy environments help to build a strong foundation for children's development and well-being over the long-term. While good nutrition, safe and secure housing, and protection are some of the basic aspects of nurturing environments, young children also need support from parents, caregivers and other adults. They need opportunities to explore their world, play, and to learn how to interact with others. Children and families also need access to supports and services in their communities. The Childhood Experiences Questionnaire (CHEQ) gathers important information about children's experiences prior to kindergarten - collecting actionable information that schools and communities can use to support children and families and ensure a solid foundation for health development and well-being.

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Kindergarten families at ​School District No. 5 (Southeast Kootenay) completed the CHEQ in fall of  2023. Please click here if you would like to see the
Dist​​rict CHEQ Report 2023. ​