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School District 5
Southeast Kootenay
Advocating for Your Child

​There is a support team in every school - any and all questions regarding education and supports for your child should be discussed with the school principal.

How Working With the Teacher Can Help You

"Working with your child's teacher is one of the best ways to support his learning. You share a common goal: Providing the best educational experience for your child.

You know your child best. But partnering with the teacher can give you an even better understanding of your child. It gives you the chance to share with the teacher the concerns you may have or things you are seeing at home that she's not seeing in the classroom.

You can share information about what's happening at home and how your child is doing there. Your child's teacher can fill in information about how things are going at school.

For example, if your child is frustrated by an assignment in class, the teacher may see him throw up his hands and say, "Why do we have to learn this?" You may be seeing the same frustrated reaction at home when it comes to homework.

By keeping each other informed, you can come up with consistent ways to respond to his frustration. When you're partnering with your child's teacher, it's easier to create common messaging and to help your child understand the point of an assignment."

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