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School District 5
Southeast Kootenay
Administrative Procedures 400

​​400 – Personnel and Employee Relations

AP 400​​​
Personnel Principles​
AP 400 AppendixAppendix – Criminal Records Search
AP 402Personnel Records
AP 402 AppendixAppendix – Employee Health Information Privacy and Confidentiality
AP 403​
Public Interest Disclosure​
AP 404Employee Conflict of Interest
AP 405Working Alone
AP 406Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)
AP 407Delegation of Authority for the Protection of Students and Maintenance of Order
AP 408Impairing Substances in the Workplace
AP 409Workplace Bullying and Harassment
AP 410Professional Development
AP 411Staff Participation In Political Activities
AP 412Laptop Computer for Staff Use
AP 413Driver's Licence
AP 414Purchase of Past Pension
AP 415Recognition of Years of Service
AP 416Employee Resignations
AP 417Leave for Elected Official Exempt Staff
AP 418Professional Development Exe​mpt Staff
AP 419Exempt Employees Leaves of Absence (Personal Discretionary, Other)
AP 420Code of Professional Relationships
AP 421Teacher Recruitment
AP 422
Relocation Expenses Reimbursement​
AP 427
Private Tutoring
AP 429Pre-Service Teaching
AP 430Role of Principal
AP 430 AppendixAppendix – School Handbooks
AP 431Principal and Vice Principal Appointments
AP 434Principal/Vice Principal Staff Professional Development
AP 440Support Staff
AP 441Support Staff Recruitment
AP 442Evaluation of Support Staff
AP 449Pre-Service CUPE Support Staff
AP 450Organizational Structure
AP 450 Appendix AAppendix A – Superintendent Organizational Chart
AP 450 Appendix BAppendix B – Secretary Treasurer Organizational Chart
AP 451Evaluation of District Staff
AP 452Role of Director of Student Learning and Innovation
AP 453Role of Director of Instruction/Human Resources
AP 454Role of Director of Student Learning and Aboriginal Education
AP 456Role of Manager of Operations
AP 457Role of Accounting Services Manager
AP 458Role of the Accountant
AP 459Accountability Reporting
AP 460Teachers Teaching on Call (TTOC)
AP 461Casual Replacement Services for Support Staff - Under Review
AP 470Job Descriptions
AP 480Job Action Response
AP 485Worker Contract Status Determination
AP 490Volunteers