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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Indigo Adopt a School - Rocky Mountain Elementary School

Please vote for Rocky Mountain Elementary School in Elkford BC and please share

Rocky Mountain Elementary School has posted an update for its Adopt A School campaign.

Less than 12 Hours To Go!... the Campaign ends tonight at midnight EST

We are now in the final stretch of this campaign. So far, you have donated over 1300 books (over $15,000) to the new Rocky Mountain Elementary School. We are so very grateful for your generosity!
Let's run full speed to the finish line, ...please vote and/or donate ONE MORE TIME, how close to 20,000 votes can we get??? Call in your family and friends for one last vote and let's 'seal this deal'!
  • 1 vote/day - we do not want to be penalized for using more than 1 email address
  • no one is losing at this point, every school in the campaign has earned books for their library
Thank you, everyone, for your support!

Vote here;


Monday, April 14, 2014

Parkland Middle School's Lipdub of Roar by Katy Perry

This is Parkland's first attempt at a school wide lipdub.

We think they are amazing...what do you think???

Did You Meet the White Hatter?

Courtesy of Trustee Ayling...

Check out The White Hatter on Facebook or check out his websites, or --especially if you have kids!

I saw his presentation on Internet and Social Media Safety to Mount Baker Secondary School students on Friday and it was amazing.
He really gets where our kids are coming from and his information helps to keep them safe without limiting their digital socializing.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Feedback - new K-9 Draft Curriculum

The feedback form for the new draft K-9 curriculum is now live. Your opinion matters, so please take a few moments to share your thoughts with the Ministry of Education.
From the BC K-9 Curriculum website:
The review of K-9 draft curriculum will take place during the 2013/14 school year. The review and feedback process is intended to be broadly based – it is designed to gather feedback from many individuals, schools, districts, organizations, regions, networks and groups within the education sector.

The Ministry will gather feedback through a variety of processes and this input will continue to inform the redesign process. All feedback is appreciated.

As available, draft curriculum documents will be posted online for review. For now, K-9 draft curriculum is available for Math, Science, Social Studies and English Language Arts.

For all things educational - province wide

From October 2013;  The BCCPAC Board of directors is very pleased to announce the start of an exciting new relationship with Janet Steffenhagen. Janet is a well-known and highly respected freelance writer who has been on the BC education beat for over a dozen... years and whose influential education blog, Report Card, appeared in the Vancouver Sun for many years. We welcome Janet as our guest blogger and look forward to her twice weekly posts and the stimulating discussion about education which inevitably follows.

We invite all parents to check out and engage in the many posts and conversations available since then.

Monday, May 20, 2013

BCCPAC 2013 Spring Conference

Speakers and Presentations;

Many of the attending delegates were asking for copies of speaker presentations to review and share.
BCCPAC both heard and acted quickly to add these to their website.

BCCPAC, along with your DPAC delegates, hope you will find these resources helpful;

Friday, April 5, 2013

UPDATED; "Health & Potential" strategy for youth

Earlier this month, parents, staff and Education Leaders from SD5 had the opportunity to hear a powerful message from Al Nutini and the Community Prevention Education Continuum (CPEC). His presentation focused on a “Health & Potential” strategy called “Spark”.
** The Happiness Advantage**
by Shawn Achor

From that presentation, DPAC would like to share the Search Institute’s “What Kids Need to Succeed.” Their research has identified four important areas of positive youth development.