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School District 5
Southeast Kootenay
French Immersion (Early and Late)


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Early French Immersion:
French Immersion Programs have been developed throughout Canada for English-speaking students who will become functionally bilingual by the end of secondary school. Over the long term, this can be accomplished without loss in other subject areas or in personal and social growth. In Cranbrook, where French Immersion classes began in September 1990, we provide Early Immersion that begins in Kindergarten at Γ‰cole TM Roberts Elementary School.
Late French Immersion:                                                                   
The Late Immersion Program provides students with an education equivalent to what is available in the English language program, while providing opportunities to acquire a high level of proficiency in French.  Students that graduate from the program in Grade 12 should be able to participate easily in French conversations, take post-secondary courses with French as the language of instruction, and accept employment with French as the language of work. The School District is very excited about the Late French Immersion Program at Isabella Dicken Elementary School in Fernie, beginning in Grades 4/5.
Please see the information in the side directory to give you as much information as possible about French Immersion in the schools. You, as parents, have the right to choose either the English Program or the French Immersion Program for your child as they start school. 


(Early Immersion)​​
Grades K-6
Principal: Michelle Sartorel
Phone: 250-489-4575

Parkland Middle School​
Grades 7-9
Principal: Brenda Tyson
Phone: 250-426-6334​

Mount Baker Secondary School​
Grades 10-12
Principal: Dave Hill​
Phone: 250-426-5241


Isabella Dicken Elementary School
(Late Immersion)
Grades K-6
Principal: Janet Kuijt
Phone: 250-423-4651​

Fernie Secondary School
Grades 7-12
Principal: Nicole Neufeld​​​
Phone: 250-423-4471