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School District 5
Southeast Kootenay
Technology Compliance

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Choosing Technology for your Classroom

Technology falls into many different categories, of which may or may not be compliant in our district. You are responsible for reading the terms of use and privacy policy to make a professional judgement about the technology's credibility.  The following table shows some examples of what may or may not be acceptable 




No ads no information   



IMovieGreenScreen by DoInk 

Chrome, Adobe Acrobat Reader.   


Contains student information but is district supported and a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) has been completed 


Microsoft Word, Excel, OneDrive 

Student managed and may require    student information 


NO (Must be made anonymous) 


Asking students to sign up for accounts on sites such as Weebly,, 



Teacher managed with anonymous accounts 


Grey Area, Use with Caution.​

Anonymous accounts with Weebly for Education,, teacher accounts, GlogsterTinkercad 

Free app or website but contains clickable ads 


Caboose Express FreeMiniclip  

games, Tune In Radio 


Limited educational value or unproven educational value 


Roblox, Super Mario,  

Student Services Apps that are for different purposes 

YES (should be pushed out to specific iPads) 

Fireworks Arcade, Autism iHelp 


Try the Technology Compliance Decision Tool