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Parent Letter

Evaluation of the Student Reporting Policy Pilot 2019/20

In September 2016, the Ministry of Education introduced a redesigned concept-based, competency-driven Kindergarten to Grade 9 curriculum, designed to help students develop core and curricular competencies, build proficiencies in literacy and numeracy, and learn essential content required for success in our rapidly changing world.

In August 2018, the Ministry launched a K-9 Student Reporting Policy Pilot so that teachers and students around the province could explore new and more meaningful ways to communicate student progress with families. In the 2019/20 school year, thirteen school districts and two independent schools are continuing to pilot and provide feedback on a DRAFT Student Reporting Policy for grades K-9.

Informed by research on effective practices and developed following extensive engagement with parents and educators, the DRAFT K-9 Student Reporting Policy is supporting new approaches to reporting. The DRAFT policy places students at the centre, focuses on their personal strengths and goals, and ultimately, increases their ownership and success as lifelong learners. Key DRAFT policy features include:

  • more timely and flexible communication
  • strength-based, individualized feedback on student progress
  • a standardized descriptive four-point provincial proficiency scale for K-9
  • in addition to the end-of-year student self-assessment, student selected, evidence-based reflection of Core Competencies during the school year to increase student engagement and ownership

The Ministry will continue to gather feedback from all students, parents, and teachers involved in the K-9 Student Reporting Policy Pilot in the 2021/22 school year. To support a comprehensive pilot evaluation, piloting districts and independent schools will be administering surveys to stakeholders twice this school year. The first survey administration took place in October 2019. The second was released in September 2021 school year to provide students, parents, and teachers with an additional opportunity to share their experiences and to evaluate the draft policy. The feedback gathered will help to inform a new K-9 Student Reporting Policy that aligns with and supports the implementation of the redesigned curriculum.​