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School District 5
School District 5 acknowledges we are on the homelands of the Ktunaxa
Southeast Kootenay
When, What and How

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As a result of the pandemic and schedule changes, some of this information may have been altered.

Points of progress may also be provided in a variety of timeframes:

  • Points of progress must be provided at least four times during the school year.
  • At least once, communicate progress in each area of learning in relation to the learning standards, using the standard four-point provincial proficiency scale and descriptive feedback.
  • At least twice, provide written descriptive feedback (paper or digital) on student engagement and behavior (i.e. growth in personal and social responsibility).
  • At least once, include student-selected evidence of and reflection on Core Competency development. 

Summary of Progress

The summary of progress is a written report (digital or paper) on student progress in relation to the learning standards in all areas of learning. It is provided to parents at the end of the year or when a student changes schools or districts. Progress in all areas of learning is communicated using strength-based language, which includes descriptive feedback and next steps for learning, and the four-point provincial proficiency scale.

The summary of progress also includes descriptive feedback on student engagement and behaviour (i.e., personal and social responsibility) and may include information on ways to support the student at school and at home.

The summary of progress is accompanied by a student self-assessment of the Core Competencies.

The format used for the summary of progress is determined locally. It can be a format that has been approved by the ministry and is available through MyEducation BC, or one that has been locally designed and approved by the Board of Education or independent school authority.

The four-point provincial proficiency scale is used in K-9 to communicate student progress in all areas of learning.  The four points on the scale include Emerging, Developing, Proficient, and Extending.

Proficiency Scale.PNG

Teachers use the four-point proficiency scale and descriptive, strength-based feedback to communicate progress in all areas of learning.

During the 2019/20 school year, piloting districts will continue to test the four-point provincial proficiency scale and provide feedback to the Ministry.