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School District 5
Southeast Kootenay
Create your profile below and start applying for jobs with School District No. 5.
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External Applicants can now create a profile and apply for jobs as soon as they become available, click on the link below:  
You can view the list of jobs without creating a profile by clicking on the above link and selecting 'Search Postings' at the top right of the screen.
Need Help with External Job Posting - Instructions on How to Create a Profile & How to Apply for a specific Job Posting can be found below:
Career Opportunities:

Employment opportunites for current school district employees can be found on the SD5 PowerSchool web portal under Job Opportunities.
Employment opportunities for external applicants can be found  at 
Some school district opportunites may also be found on  Make a Future - Careers in BC Education site is powered by If you have an existing account with them, you can use your username and password to log into  If not, you can create an account on Make a Future - Careers in BC Education by clicking "Register". Once you have an account, please sign up for the 'Job Alert' feature so you are emailed jobs that interest you.
Canditates looking for work with SD5 must complete a profile above and apply for positions as they are posted.