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School District 5
Southeast Kootenay
Support Staff

​ SD5 and CUPE Local 4165 job opportunities can be found in the District and school offices, in classrooms, on busses, with our courier service, in cafeterias, in libraries, as custodians, as crossing guards, as noon hour supervisors, in the international student programs, as a foreman, as journeyman trade positions, as a laborer, and last but not least, in the information technology/computer department.


Current Postings - For Internal Applicants

Job Postings can  be found on Job Posting Web from your PowerSchool SRB Web Portal. 

To access Job Posting Web please sign into your SRB Web Portal by clicking the link "SRB Logon" found at the top of this page. Once you have logged into the Web Portal you can see a complete list of job postings by checking out your DASHBOARD - simply click on the heading called Dashboard and then click on the subheading dashboard.

To upload documents, create a profile and apply for jobs please click on the JOB POSTINGS heading on your SRB Web Portal.



External Applicants can now create a profile and apply for jobs as soon as they become available, click on the link below to get started:

You can view the list of jobs without creating a profile by clicking on the above link and selecting 'Search Postings' at the top right of the screen.

Need Help with External Job Posting - Instructions on How to Create a Profile & How to Appply for a Specific Job Posting can be found here:

External job applicants (how to).pdf





All forms for Current CUPE employees can be found on the HR Web Portal.

Current CUPE employees must complete an update form on a annual basis for work in the coming school year.

Current CUPE employees of School District No. 5 ( Southeast Kootenay) who are interested in casual work during the Spring, Summer and Winter Breaks are also required to complete an application for each calendar year.


Job Descriptions

CUPE Local 4165 Job Descriptions